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Design features
Built-in fridge-freezer
NO_FROST_NEU_BL, never have to defrost ever again
Heavy load hinge set
Height adjustable front feet
Two separate cooling circuits allow independent temperature control and prevents the transference of humidity between the fridge and freezer cavity
Acoustic alarm, acoustic for Fridge and Freeze
Food freshness system
1 VitaFresh drawer with humidity control - Fruits and vegetables retain vitamins and stay fresh for longer
Key features - Fridge section
5 safety glass shelves in fridge compartment of which 4 are height adjustable
Door shelves in fridge door: 1 large and 3 small.
Metal bottle rack
Key features - Freezer section
Additional features
3 x egg tray, 1 x ice cube tray
Performance and Consumption
Climate Class: SN-ST
Total Volume : 383 l
Net Fridge Volume : 285 l
Net Freezer Volume : 98 l
Annual Energy Consumption: 256 kWh/a
Noise Level : 34 dB , EU19_Noise emission class_D: B
Temperature rise time : EU19_Temperature rise time_D: 13 H
Freezing capacity 24h : 9.5 kg
EU19_Fast freezer facility_D
Based on the results of the standard 24-hour test. Actual consumption depends on usage/position of the appliance.
Dimension and installation
Country Specific Options


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